Cloth Diaper Covers

The Milentin diaper covers are available in three sizes: S (3.5-7 kg) M (6-10 kg) L (9-18 kg) Usable sizes depend on the baby's body physics. The diaper covers can be adjusted to the size of the child with the upper and lower snaps. First, adjust the length of the diaper cover using the bottom row of snap. If the length is set shorter by the lower row of snaps, the buttoned part should be folded up towards the baby's navel. Now, attach the insert to the diaper cover by using the snaps. Attach the top row of snaps so that the diaper does not sit too tight on the baby. This means that when lying on the back, two fingers must fit between the diaper cover and the baby's stomach. The snaps should always be buttoned symmetrically, as this can prevent the baby from getting wet. If the pants are not buttoned centred, they can twist and not fit properly on the baby's thigh or waist.